Superintendent Information

jim brown

As Superintendent, I am pleased to announce Ritchie County Schools will be open for business on Thursday, August 18th!  Once again, this year we will focus on three principles of operation; be disciplined in thoughts and actions, have a growth mindset, and have an attitude of gratitude!  Knowing culture, not strategies or programs, determines student success we will continue the work of fostering a culture where there are high expectations by ALL for ALL!   We will be intentional and purposeful in how we operate.  We will seek first to understand and, in all things, be student centered.  As Superintendent of Schools, employees, parents, and the community at large can once again expect a focused approach to our work and an unwavering commitment to every student’s success. 

 Our mission statement focuses on how we function each and every day. If we are truly committed to our mission and believe in all students and embrace their potential every day, we must embody each and every one of our core beliefs not just in words but in action.  As a school system, we remain committed to these core beliefs:

·We believe in a climate of high expectations by all for all;
·We believe leadership matters and accountability by all is necessary for success;
·We believe on-going assessment and examination of results improve instruction and achievement;
·We believe all students must be provided explicit instruction from highly effective educators; 
·We believe all students must be actively engaged in a robust curriculum that is rigorous and student centered;
·We believe all students must be provided opportunities for personalized learning through differentiation and/or acceleration; and
·We believe all students must be provided a safe, caring, and nurturing environment conducive to learning.

The words in each core belief statement are meaningless without sincere efforts by school leaders, teachers, and school staff.  To do this we must focus on the total child regardless of the barriers and challenges they may face.  As we work to improve our schools and educational system as a whole, we must continue to seek out ways to support our students, we must make sure our teachers are equipped with the most effective tools and curricula, we must seek out new effective strategies, we must increase our rigor, we must continue to track student growth and provide personalized learning to meet student needs and most importantly, we must hold ourselves accountable for results. 

Reflecting on my tenure over the past four years as your Superintendent, we have made great strides in examining and evaluating every facet of our school system.  With a high degree of confidence, I can attest that our school system is operating at a very high level.  I truly believe, there is no greater gift that can be bestowed upon a young child than an education that has the potential to open doors for a lifetime.  As public educators we have a profound responsibility and failure is not an option.  I am sincerely appreciative and grateful for the opportunity to be part of your child’s life and to serve as your Superintendent.


Jim Brown, Superintendent of Schools