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Food Availability Survey - Summer 2022

Food Availability Survey - Summer 2022


The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) and County Boards of Education are seeking your input. The West Virginia Emergency School Food Act allows the WVDE to help the counties collect feedback on important nutrition information from students’ families. The purpose of this survey is to:

  • help with plans to close hunger gaps across the state; and,
  • improve student access to meals when school buildings are closed.


By filling out the questions in this survey, you are consenting to take part in the survey. Your participation is completely voluntary:

  • Your responses are anonymous. No one will know your answers.
  • You may choose not to participate.
  • You may choose not to answer any questions you do not want to answer or do not understand.
  • You may stop participating at any time during the survey.
  • Filling out the survey should take 5-10 minutes.

Taking part in this survey will put you at no more risk than you would experience during any normal day. Although you may not benefit directly by taking part in the survey, it is possible that because of what we learn, schools in West Virginia may improve to better meet the needs of students.

You will receive no money or other reward for taking part in this survey. If you decide not to take part or to stop at any time, there will be no penalties or loss of benefits to you. For more information about the survey, you may contact the survey team at